Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Room Suitability for Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood floors is the marine of the flooring sector; manufactured from 100% natural hardwood, it is going to outperform its rivals on density, durability and longevity.

Coping well under pressure, solid wood is ideal for places which encounter a heavy footfall such as stairs and halls.

But when it comes to excess moisture, humidity or temperature correction there are areas of the house to prevent fitting solid wood. We advise taking a fast peek at our room suitability chart before fitting.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Water Damage

Hardwood floors are one of the most flexible kinds of flooring that any homeowner can install. Not only do these surfaces persist for a lifetime but they're incredibly design favorable, durable, and able to withstand substantial quantities of traffic. They'll last, but hardwood flooring are also an economical alternative and one which can cut down on the number of allergens in a house.

Rather than having plush carpet to regularly trap dirt and debris, hardwood flooring are a solid surface which may be washed easily. These floors types are among the best around but there's 1 nemesis to the total ability of its performance - water.

Left unattended, water can cause substantial harm to anything and hardwood floors are not any different. If your home was subject to any of these kinds of mixes with water and your floors surface, then appropriate action is required to immediately remedy the potential for severe damage.


Hardwood flooring are resilient and will withstand most minor injuries or occurrences using a simple spill. If it's the glass of water or wine - which typically won't stain a hardwood surface instead of carpet - a quick drying and drying of the liquid should be sufficient to keep your floors surface looking nice and undamaged out of the spill.


Consider leaks as an extended spill but rather than immediately trying to dry the region, locating the reason for the water is critical. For instance, in case you've got a water leak under the kitchen sink and it is starting to flow out and onto the hardwood flooring, then shutting off the water to the area of the home should be step one.

Once full, then the same drying processes such as spills can be implemented together with the possible addition of a fan or hair dryer being used to further dry an area that's been subjected to a significant quantity of water. Timing is everything, and the faster you are able to remove the water out of contact with all the hardwoods, the greater your chance at retaining them in position without a lot of fix required.


A flood is an entirely different animal but again the timing and quantity of water to which the
flooring are exposed will decide the availability of salvage or replacement. Saving hardwood flooring from flood water damage is possible but immediate action must be taken to eliminate the water completely.
Depending upon the cause of the flood and if circumstances even justify this opportunity, the elimination procedure might be delayed. If so, quickly analyzing the situation when possible and determining the appropriate measures needed can help to determine what is most effective for your hardwood flooring following a natural catastrophe.

If you've experienced some  water damage or are ready to Go over options about having hardwood Flooring installed, repaired, or refinished then look no Farther than Floor Sanding Hounslow . Our professionally trained employees have plenty of experience, can assist with the specifics of which variables will impact any improvement to your property, and can assist in deciding the best aesthetically pleasing colour scheme for any room in your home. Floor Sanding Hounslow Will provide assistance in choosing the appropriate look, texture, and leadership for your area whilst providing hands on experience and explanations concerning the work you would like completed. Contact us today at 020 3151 1910 to schedule your free quote to begin.

Monday, 18 February 2019

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Hardwood Floors

Winter can be rough in your hardwood flooring . Road salt, sand, and snow and ice can be monitored to your home whether you are aware that it is occurring. All of this activity can take a toll on your hardwood flooring. They'll look old and faded, even if they aren't. Below are some techniques to make that problem go away.

Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

The very first thing you can try doing is to refresh your hardwood flooring. This process involves refinishing your floors. If you haven't done it because this time this past year, then you should have on it. But occasionally adding a fresh layer of coat can make all of the difference you want. Adding a new layer of coating protects your flooring, and it doesn't take as long as the refinishing process will. In any event, your floors will already start to look better.

Adjust Temperature and Humidity

You always want to be as comfortable as possible in your home. Even so, this might indicate correcting the temperature and humidity levels in your home. As you don't need it to be too humid or hot in your home, you also don't wish to be freezing or sense overly dry in winter time. This is a fine line to walk, especially when it comes to your hardwood floors. After all, excessive moisture damage can eliminate that beautiful glow.

 Protect Your Investment

Are you planning on rearranging some of the furniture in your home? Or getting ready to move out?
In both cases, this implies moving the furniture around vulnerable hardwood flooring. To prevent leaving unsightly scratches and gouges, utilize floor guards. Doing so might help you prevent any scratches forming on your flooring, particularly if you're not sure just how long it will take to move the furniture around.

Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Maintenance from Floor Sanding Hounslow

At Floor Sanding Hounslow our commitment to quality sanding is clear in all that we do, and that explains precisely why our clients consistently rate us as one of the best builders in the region.If you are prepared to talk with someone concerning your hardwood flooring job, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us 020 3151 1910 or send us a message .

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Monday, 1 October 2018


Refurbishing a hardwood flooring may be a long and tough job. If you don't know what you're doing the job is of course left up to the professionals, but we thought we'd provide a few pointers with respect to how the job ought to be done.

Before starting, the room need to be completely clear of all furniture and soft furnishings. It can be a Fantastic idea to hang dust sheets over doors so dust does not enter the other rooms in Your House

This will help when we reach the next step

A sander needs to be utilized to remove the old finish from the floor. Sand the ground completely before a smooth finish is attained

All the dust generated should be removed from the area completely.

now you can apply a fresh coat of waxoil, or lacquer into the ground. Remember to start at the bottom line from the entrance and return to the door

Apply a sealant into the ground using the Exact Same method as above

Don't try to use the ground until you are certain the floor is completely dry and the sealant has hardened off

Always follow the instructions on the product you use. However , if you are in any doubt, seek advice from your hardwood flooring expert.

Friday, 31 August 2018


While buying an older house, you might not have experienced a peek underneath the worn out old carpeting or underneath the linoleum in the kitchen to ascertain whether the home has any original floorboards.

First floorboards are a real find when it comes to original features in a house and if they're correctly restored, they can create beautiful flooring which looks fantastic for many years to come.

In case you have found your original hardwood floorboards but are wondering what to do next, you need to get in touch with a hardwood flooring expert to come and have a look at your new find. They will have the ability to counsel you on everything relating to flooring and the best way to progress with restoring the floorboards back to their former glory.

Some floorboards might not be acceptable for restoration, but most floorboards with just a little bit of tender loving care can be revived and they'll look absolutely spectacular. Your hardwood flooring specialist has all the essential gear and equipment to bring your floorboards back into life and will care for the floorboards so that they will last for many more years to come.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Is it Time to Refinish Your Wood Floors?

While wood flooring are extremely lovely and can do a great deal for your house , they can sometimes begin to wear out. Discolorations, dings, and dents do not necessarily mean that your floors need to be refinished, even the smooth, shiny floors might require a touch-up. It is very important to be able to spot when your wood floor needs to be refinished so that you could prevent permanent damage to the timber. Listed below are a couple ways that you can figure out if it is time to refinish your hardwood flooring!

Testing with Water

First, you need to find a component of your hardwood flooring which receives a whole lot of traffic. This part is likely to be the component most in need of refinishing due to the heavy use. Have a tablespoon of water and then put it onto that part of the ground, then simply watch closely. When it beads into droplets that just rest on the top of the floor, the end is fine. If the water soaks slowly into the wood, the finish is wearing thin, and you should think about having the flooring refinished soon. If the water soaks quickly into the timber, you'll want to have the floor refinished as soon as possible. Make certain you wipe up any excess water on the wood using a paper towel and repeat the test on other regions of the flooring as necessary.

Next, locate a pair of floorboards that match imperfectly and have a deep groove between them. Add a business card into this crack as far as it could go, then mark the card where the cover of the floor hits. Take the company card out and measure the crack thickness using a ruler. When it is less than 3/4 inch heavy, call the pros at Hounslow Floor Sanding to discuss your options. When a floor is refinished, it has to be sanded down. When there is not enough left to sand, the floor will have to be replaced.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Hardwood flooring is remarkably sturdy and constructed to last a very long time. Nevertheless, over time it's perfectly normal for your floors to experience daily wear and tear, and you may feel as though it's lost some of its initial appeal. Or maybe you are redecorating and want to do something to your floors, but don't want to replace it thoroughly. Well, the fantastic thing is that there are a number of different options available to you if you would like to breathe fresh life into your hardwood flooring.

Give your Floors a Fresh finish

There are a array of different types of finish available for hardwood floors, such as oils, lacquers, waxes and stains. While different finishes could be better suited for distinct types of hardwood, they will all help revitalise your flooring. This could be through giving it a gorgeous sheen, or slightly shifting the colour to allow it to match your area if you are redecorating.

Get your floor re-sanded and Revived

Maybe you feel as though your flooring has undergone considerable wear and tear and only adding a new end wouldn't be adequate. It might be that you've moved into a brand new house which already had hardwood floors that is extremely old. You may often find older homes with hardwood flooring which may need a breath of fresh air. For these scenarios, it is sometimes a good idea to possess your flooring re-sanded and renovated. Again, this saves you having to replace your floors completely, but can make it seem as good as new, regaining its original beauty. You could also take the opportunity to dramatically change the colour with the vast array of stains and colored oils.

Rearrange your room

For many people, breathing fresh life into their flooring is often as straightforward as rearranging the furniture in the area that the wooden flooring is in. While moving furniture, adding rugs and other furnishing may not have an immediate effect on your floors, it can help you see it in a fresh light.