Monday, 1 October 2018


Refurbishing a hardwood flooring may be a long and tough job. If you don't know what you're doing the job is of course left up to the professionals, but we thought we'd provide a few pointers with respect to how the job ought to be done.

Before starting, the room need to be completely clear of all furniture and soft furnishings. It can be a Fantastic idea to hang dust sheets over doors so dust does not enter the other rooms in Your House

This will help when we reach the next step

A sander needs to be utilized to remove the old finish from the floor. Sand the ground completely before a smooth finish is attained

All the dust generated should be removed from the area completely.

now you can apply a fresh coat of waxoil, or lacquer into the ground. Remember to start at the bottom line from the entrance and return to the door

Apply a sealant into the ground using the Exact Same method as above

Don't try to use the ground until you are certain the floor is completely dry and the sealant has hardened off

Always follow the instructions on the product you use. However , if you are in any doubt, seek advice from your hardwood flooring expert.